The Revenge of Margaret Pole

by Heather R. Darsie In case you missed it on On 28 July 1540, a great, accomplished man of Tudor Times was beheaded on Tower Hill. That man was Thomas Cromwell, briefly the 1st Earl of Essex, and Henry VIII’s Chief Minister. Cromwell sought to reform and consolidate the legal system the secular legal system and move away from canon law. Cromwell succeeded in establishing … Continue reading The Revenge of Margaret Pole

The Annes of Cleves, Part I

by Heather R. Darsie The name “Anne of Cleves” conjures thoughts of Henry VIII’s allegedly unattractive, unfashionable fourth wife. However, over the span of almost 200 years, there were five women known as “Anne of Cleves.” First we will meet Anne of Burgundy, who by marriage became an Anne of Cleves. For purposes of this article, we will refer to her as “van Kleef.” Next, … Continue reading The Annes of Cleves, Part I

The End of Kett’s Rebellion

by Heather R. Darsie July, 1549. The almost twelve-years-old Edward VI had been King of England for two-and-a-half years. Landlords had begun enclosing the common lands, which prevented peasants from being able to have a place for their animals to graze. Several landlords had taken to raising sheep, as the English wool trade was growing quite prosperous. This, in concert with a host of other … Continue reading The End of Kett’s Rebellion