The Four Wives of Philip II

by Heather R. Darsie In case you missed it earlier this week on  , have a look! The lives of Henry VIII of England’s six wives are much-chronicled, with myriad books, shows, art, and the like, depicting and dramatizing key moments in each woman’s life. Another man had almost as many wives, though their respective demises were much less salacious than those of Henry’s. … Continue reading The Four Wives of Philip II

From the Bestiary: the He-Goat

by Heather R. Darsie The He-Goat, different from a satyr, is described as a, “…stubborn, lascivious animal.” The He-Goat, “…is always eager to mate,” with eyes that, “…are so full of lust that they look sideways…Its nature is so hot diamonds, against which fire and iron are powerless, dissolve in its blood.” No physical description is given of the He-Goat, and the writer of the … Continue reading From the Bestiary: the He-Goat